IAI can provide dewatered ash disposal services, including:

  • Dewatering ash in place in a utility’s ash landfill; or,
  • Hauling dewatered ash to an appropriately licensed landfill, off-site

In-Landfill Dewatering

We have extensive experience utilizing geotextile tubes to dewater material in landfill cells, and have successfully processed 3.2 million cubic yards of dredged material that way.  A lined dewatering area is prepared in the landfill cell, and water released from the geotextile tubes is collected and treated, as needed.  When active dewatering operations are completed, prior to capping, the dewatering area liner is pierced, allowing any remaining water to flow to the landfill’s existing leachate collection system.

Off Site Disposal

On projects where in-landfill dewatering is not an operation, or the space available for dewatering is limited, IAI has developed a technique of rotational haul-out.  In this scenario, geotextile tubes are deployed and filled in a row.  As tubes are being filled at one end of the dewatering pad, the tubes at the opposite end are being excavated and hauled away for disposal.  This technique of rotating the pad provides an opportunity for utilizing geotextile tube dewatering for projects with limited space or time frame available for dewatering operations.  On past projects, we have dewatered up to 126,000 cubic yards in a dewatering pad with only 15,000 cubic yards of capacity, by using this rotational haul-out method.