Coal Ash Pond Management

IAI provides turn-key, regulation-compliant, coal ash pond management services. We can dredge active ash ponds, dewater the dredged coal ash material, and provide options for temporary coal ash storage or disposal. Our Professional Engineers and certified water treatment operators guide operations to ensure compliance with current ash regulations and your facility’s NPDES discharge permit.

Are you transitioning your ash pond to an overfill facility or alternate ash handling process?

IAI can accept plant coal ash slurry discharge directly into a dewatering process, providing coal ash handling and storage, during the transition period. We can dredge directly to geotextile tubes in your existing coal ash landfill, and have extensive experience doing this. We can provide water treatment operations assistance and certified operators to ensure the landfill leachate is properly treated and discharged in compliance with NPDES discharge permit requirements.

Is your ash pond full to capacity?

We can clean ponds to ensure compliance with run-on/run-off controls and hydraulic capacity requirements, providing dredging, dewatering and disposal services via a single, experienced contractor. We will dredge your ash pond while it remains in active service, with little disruption to plant operations. IAI utilizes best management practices to protect pond liners from damage during the dredging process, and prevent TSS spikes or permit limit exceedances in the pond discharge.