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Coal Ash Services is a full service, turnkey contractor, serving the ash management needs of coal-fired electricity plants in the United States.  Our project approaches are customized to meet the needs of each unique client, in the following areas:

Impoundment Management

Coal Ash Services is a single-source contractor, providing coal ash dredging, dewatering and disposal, combined with water treatment, construction, maintenance and repair services for turnkey ash impoundment management.



Coal Ash Services provides hydraulic dredging services utilizing swinging ladder cutterhead dredges with articulating capabilities. Our surgical dredging services are versatile and highly accurate.



Coal Ash Services provides coal ash dewatering utilizing geotextile tubes (Geotube® containers), or a mechanical process such as belt presses or Total Clean Systems.  We can dewater dredged slurry, or receive flow directly from a client’s ash sluice line.



Coal Ash Services can provide ash disposal options in conjunction with dewatering services, and has extensive experience utilizing geotextile tubes to dewater materials in-landfill.


Water Treatment

Coal Ash Services can treat water produced by dewatering operations as well as CCP landfill leachate, utilizing enclosed trailer mounted treatment system or skid-mounted treatment units.


Construction, Maintenance and Repairs

Coal Ash Services provides erosion prevention and embankment rehabilitation services to repair degraded retainage structures, including pile driving and concrete revetment mats, as well as installation and replacement of gated structures, weir structures, and culverts.