Coal Ash Solutions can provide coal ash dewatering services, handling dredged ash from an impoundment or accepting flow directly from your plant’s wet ash discharge. We will work with you to select a dewatering process that is most appropriate for your particular facility, based on the method of final disposal, proximity to a CCP landfill, and available space.

Do you have a CCP landfill on site, or nearby?

Coal Ash Solutions can dredge or pump coal ash slurry directly into geotextile tubes placed in a CCP landfill (up to distances of ten miles) eliminating the need for hauling the dewatered material.

Do you need to dewater and temporarily store dewatered coal ash while you transition to another process or upgrade existing facilities?

Geotextile tubes can also be used for temporary ash storage.  Coal Ash Solutions can design and construct a lined dewatering pad for staging and filling the geotextile tubes.  The dewatered tubes can later be removed for final disposal of the ash material at the owner’s convenience.

Do you need to quickly dewater and remove wet ash from your site?

Coal Ash Solutions can utilize a mechanical dewatering process such as Total Clean® or belt filter presses to dewater coal ash for immediate hauling and disposal off-site.